Municipalities have a unique direct interaction with citizens. The relationship between municipalities, their citizens, and their businesses is important: business registrations, auto registry, real state development or even the subscription of a child in a school, for instance - all require citizens and businesses to come in contact with the municipality. The rPoint suite allows for a new dynamic relation between governments and citizens: a cycle that will become simpler and more participative for citizens and for businesses.

Our Overall Solution


Citizen and Business Self Service

Application Management
  • Secure SSO Capability
  • Real-Time Notifications and Data Validation
  • Collaborative Workspace and Citizen Dashboards
  • Data Transformation of Word, Excel, and PDF records

rPoint City Suite

Building Trust between
Cities and Citizens
  • End-to-End configurable License Management Process
  • Fiscal Management and Analytics
  • Eligibility matrix
  • Multi-stage multi-stakeholder review and approval
Case Management
  • Case Routing
  • Holistic View of Citizens and Businesses
  • Work Item Auto-Assignment and escalation policies
  • Team Dashboards
  • Integrated Telephony
  • Service Level Agreements and KPI Management
  • Knowledge Base
  • Conversion of Complaints and Enquiries into investigations and other action items
Document Management
  • Document Management & Search
  • Archiving, Tagging, and Document Classification
  • Metadata enrichment
  • SharePoint Online or On-Premise

Streamlined Internal Operations

  • Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Azure Service Bus as enterprise message broker
  • Secure API

Public Portal Workspace

The enhanced portal functionality afforded by rPoint empowers citizens to apply for licenses, submit forms, pay bills, receive notifications, and view the status of any outstanding enquiries or complaints with the city at any time through a secure portal workspace. The underlying Microsoft technology stack enables single sign on integration with municipal identity management systems, greatly simplifying interaction between municipalities and their citizens through retention of a single universal citizen ID.

Information Sharing

The rPoint suite allows for Government-to-Government exchange of information, Government-to-Business provisions of online business-focused services, and Government-to-Citizen delivery of public services. These prebuilt components include delegated administration components, the ability for an entity to act on behalf of a group for payments, legal submissions, regulatory filings, and secure access approval processes to published reports and dashboards.

Enable Cross Departmental Collaboration

With rPoint, cross departmental municipal administration and analysis work is bundled together into unique modules. Our modules for license approval, bylaw enforcement, permit management, and payment management work harmoniously together to empower municipalities to quickly triage work between departments and provide end-to-end management of work items from clerks, to administrative departments, to finance departments. From deploying service technicians to processing legal documents, the rPoint suite streamlines municipal collaboration to improve operating efficiency and compliance to service level agreements.

Pre-built Analytics

The flexible nature of the rPoint data model allows for business intelligence teams to gain insight into city-wide operations like never before. Our powerful portal module is backed with an intelligent content management engine for user behavior analysis with the ability to dynamically generate and recommend content to citizens based on browsing patterns. The rPoint framework is pre-built with common KPI measurement reports at both the operational and predictive levels.